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Iíve been doing photography now for almost 30 years Ė Iíve taken the medium from old style darkroom (Nikon F-2 and 35mm) to modern digital (Nikon D-90, Photoshop, iPad Portfolios). To me there is nothing like the excitement of capturing a live event. To find those moments in time that tell a story. I love story telling through the visual medium. I started as a photo journalist in Bucks County, PA, moved to Los Angeles to do photo stills of films, TV, and plays. I even spent some time working with tour guides documenting the travels of their clients from the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Bryce & Zion National Parks.

The common thread through all those years was covering weddings. An emotionally charged, highly stressful, one of a kind day, and I love it. Talk about a story that you only get one chance to capture. That is the kind of storytelling I live for. That day also brings friends and family traveling from great distances, some of whom we only get to see at an event like this. To those of us who have been married, the day spins by in a blur, and sometimes itís the pictures of the event that will shape the lasting experience of that day.

Media Creation has been with me since my college days. Now with the current consumer digital technology: Digital SLR Cameras, Photoshop, Laptops, WiFi, iPhones, iPads, Media Servers, Book Publishing Software, YouTube, Vimeo, Final Cut Pro, Pro Logic, Adobe InDesign, I can create Media Projects that used to only be available in multi-million dollar labs. Itís all things visual, only limited by my imaginationÖ

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